Natural hamper, gift & comestic packaging solution

Woodlen™, also known as wood shavings, Wool Wool Hamper Filling, Wood Wool Void Fill, wood wool or shredded wood is a gift packaging material that is loved by craft enterprises and many leading gift-cosmetic companies in the world . Not only does it prevent damage and realize cushioning, is also a natural decoration accessory to help high-end gift boxes become more luxurious and sophisticated.

Beverage and fragile products packaging

Woodlen™ is a perfect packaging material for beverage and fragile products. Wood wool protects fragile products from shock and vibration during transportation, reduces the damage rate of the items. Morever, it enhances value for your organic or high-end products, making them more luxurious, beautiful and especially environmentally friendly.

Shock absorbing cushion keeps fruits and vegetables fresher

Agricultural products such as: vegetables, tomatoes, apples, oranges, bananas, watermelons, mangoes,…. they are usually juciy, so they is easy to be crushed when harvested or during delivering process. Moreover, their nutritional composition contains many types of sugars, mineral salts, proteins, nutrients…so they are ideal conditions for molds and microorganisms to invade. Woodlen™ with small shavings fibers, soft and dry is a shock-absorbing cushion, keeping fruits and vegetables fresher always fresh and delicious.

Equipment and electronic components protect

Woodlen™ is the perfect, cheap and environment-friendly parcel-packing solution for spare parts, engineering products. Thanks to its shape and consistency, wood wool fills out all corners of a box or crate, safely protecting your parcels in case of reckless shipping

Animal bedding

Woodlen™ is an eco-friendly product – completely bio-degradable makes it safe to be used as a raw material animal bedding. With good moisture absorption effect, free from unpleasant odors, and dustless, wood wool fibers create the cleanest environments for their animals to live in, protect them against mildew and germs.

Woodwool firelighters

Woodwool firelighters are produced from natural wood shavings and wax. They are the perfect fire-lighting material to replace traditional fire-lighting ones such as waste paper, newspapers, leaves, hay, straw, etc…These firelighters have been around for a while now because they are easy to light and have a long burn, natural, safe and strong odourless.